A gloomy mix of RTS and tower defense with stone-by-stone construction from the creators of Moonlighter and The Mageseeker.

Kickstarter starts on September 26th!

Cataclismo is coming to Kickstarter soon. Follow the pre-launch page and you will get notified as soon as the campaign starts. Early supporters will get exclusive rewards and discounts!

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Core Game Features

Build 🏰

Inspired by the limitless possibilities of LEGO, click pieces together to creatively construct fortresses stone by stone.

Defend 🛡️

When Horrors attack in numbers, you will need to command a wide range of soldiers to withstand their assault.

Unite 🤝

These pale monsters siege Hogar, the last human city. Only you can rise above the haze and rebuild humanity stone by stone.

And much more!

While we keep developing Cataclismo, feel free to try the demo and wishlist our game on Steam!

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